Thursday Thought — How can I tell Whom to Trust?

When deciding whom to trust, bear in mind that the combination of consistently bad or egregiously inadequate behavior with frequent plays for your pity is as close to a warning mark on a conscienceless person’s forehead as you will ever be given.  A person whose behavior includes both of these features is not necessarily a mass murderer, or even violent at all, but is still probably not someone you should befriend, take on as your business partner, ask to take care of your children, or marry.

(Excerpt from Martha Stout’s book, The Sociopath Next Door [Affiliate link], p109)


Further Reading

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8 thoughts on “Thursday Thought — How can I tell Whom to Trust?”

  1. Hemingway said

    The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

    This way is slightly more helpful.

  2. My counsellor had me write this quote on my wall.

    Men like to be respected and admired. So for goodness sake, marry a man worthy of respect and admiration.

    In my case, she said, it applies to whom you even consider their opinion. If they aren’t worthy of respect and admiration, throw their criticisms / judgements / comments in the bin where they belong. And don’t keep these people as friends.

  3. Wishing I had heard this advice so, so, so long ago. I could have been spared so much pain and heartache.

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