A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

“Representing The Domestic Violence Survivor: Critical Legal Issues; Effective Safety Strategies”


Representing The Domestic Violence Survivor: Critical Legal Issues; Effective Safety Strategies by Barry Goldstein, J.D., and Elizabeth Liu, J.D. 

We recommend this work to lawyers who are representing domestic abuse victims. Endorsements come from several in the legal and educational fields, including Lundy Bancroft. Here is Lundy’s official endorsement of this work:

Barry Goldstein and Elizabeth Liu have answered my dreams, by creating this outstanding and comprehensive legal guide. It is currently challenging for abused women to find any attorney who understands the complexities of their circumstances, and who will assiduously represent their interests. For any lawyer who is interested in filling this urgent gap, Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor is their ticket. Goldstein and Liu leave no stone unturned in this book, and that thoroughness is necessary, because abusers and their allies have a seemingly endless series of legal tricks up their sleeve. The publication of this book is a blow for justice.
— Lundy Bancroft, author, The Batterer as Parent

And Lundy has told us personally that “Barry Goldstein has been a tireless campaigner for the rights of mothers and their children, and he understands profoundly how abusers work and how the courts join them in that abuse.”

We have added this book to these pages on our Resources:



  1. standsfortruth

    Thank you for making this book available to us.
    I sent the link to a good lawyer that seems to care about domestic abuse survivors.
    After downloading the table of contents it was close to 45 pages covering all types of abuse.
    It would be a great resource for a lawyer to have, giving the heads up on being informed of abusers typical court shenanigans, and how to protect their client in the divorce.

  2. braveandstandingstrong

    Thank you so much for this information! I bought this book to give to my lawyer and am considering buying another to send to a friend whose children were recently court appointed to primary custody of their abuser. Her experience scared me enough to be proactive.
    I appreciate this ministry and all you do!
    Thank you.

  3. keeningforthedawn

    Sounds like a wonderful resource! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Sarah

    First lawyer said to me “It amazes me how much you women give so much power to your abusive husbands”. They are so wimpy. And he said this WHILE ex was continually duping him! LOL. Second lawyer said, “We can take him on” Nope, she lost a lot of money for me and was scammed over and over. Third lawyer said, we must show the judge how nice we are to him then he will eventually look bad”… nope I always did. I couldn’t win….

    • Sarah, what a horrible saga you went through! It sounds to me like a pithy summary of the main ways lawyers can go wrong when representing victims of domestic abuse.

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