A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Barbara Roberts being interviewed by Dr George Simon

NOTE: New date for interview

This is a reminder that tomorrow on Sunday 28th September George Simon’s Character Matters broadcast will feature an interview with Barbara Roberts, one of the co-leaders of A Cry For Justice. You can listen to the interview live, or download the show later.

Time of the broadcast:
Sunday 28 Sept 7pm Eastern Daylight Time USA
= Sunday 28 Sept 4pm Pacific Daylight Time USA
= Monday 29 Sept 9am AEST (for those on the East coast of Australia)

You will be able to download the show after it has aired. To do this, go to ucy.tv/cm. You’ll find the list of archived Character Matters programs by scrolling down and looking on the left hand side of the page.

Be aware that when you go to the ucy.tv website, whatever happens to be broadcasting at the time will be automatically streamed live to you, which you can stop by clicking the pause button on the right hand side of the page where the live stream is happening.


  1. healingInHim

    Yesterday, late afternoon, I received the following link via Dr Simon’s website and the last paragraph seemed to hint that the broadcast with Barbara will not be airing until next Sunday, Sept 28 Borderline Personalities in Relationships [Internet Archive link]

    • Thank you healinginhim! Yes indeed, the interview with me has been postponed till the following Sunday. Thanks for giving the heads up on this!
      So: the interview will be Sunday 28th Sept. I shall edit the text of this post accordingly.

  2. Friend of Victim

    Recommend editing the artilcle further to explain what happened. I pulled the page up to see if today’s post was there. It wasn’t, but I saw yesterday’s again & was reminded that I should listen tonight. I planned to get the computer ready to listen, when I realized it said tomorrow the 28th. I was going to let you know about the typo(s) that today is the 21st, not the 28th. I figured you had looked at the calendar wrong as I often do. Fortunately, I read the replies/comments above first so now I know what happened.

    • twbtc

      Friend of Victim,
      I added a note at the beginning of the post to alert readers to the date change.

    • Thanks FOV, I’ve fixed the place in the comments where an incorrect date had been given.

  3. Anonymous100

    I listened to the broadcast.

    Here are the highlights:
    Accomplished liars say true things, but leave out critical bits of information that would cast a whole different light on the situation. That’s how they manipulate.

    Ray Rices’s response ( really the lack of) didn’t match the situation–then fiance knocked out cold.

    We need to ask ourselves “why do we ever want to be in a relationship with someone of poor or no character.

    Narcissists become angry if we “dare” to question their greatness; put them in their place.

    Narcissism is always about power and control–who has the last word. (my thought: that’s why divorcing one of these guys is so ugly, they drag you in and out of court to have the last say).

    For the victim it’s a double edge sword: walking away from a bad situation, but it also means walking away from your investment in the relationship. Like playing a slot machine life with a narc = he gives you little pay offs to keep you hooked until it’s too late and you lose everything. The victim keeps trying to “redeem the losses”. Hard for the victim to “cut their losses” and walk away, because they put so much into the investment.

    • Ellie

      I wrote about that in Fish or Cut Bait. The slot machine analogy is a great one!

  4. Anonymous100

    Hi Barbara,

    Was your interview rescheduled again? I listened to the program tonight, but you weren’t on.

    • I haven’t heard directly from Dr Simon, so I assume he has still been doing the editing. He said he had a few technical difficulties with editing it. Not sure when he is going to air it.

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