A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Jeff Crippen to be Interviewed on Blogtalk Radio, September 12th at 10AM EST

I (Jeff) never heard of blogtalk radio until recently, and now I am going to be on it! Next Wednesday, September 12th, at 10AM EST (That’s 7AM Oregon time), the Christian Men Against Domestic Violence blogtalk will be interviewing me. Ok it’s not Oprah, but I like to listen to Pastor Jon more than her anyway! I will try to have them interview Barbara Roberts on another show too, but of course she will rain on my parade because she has that Oz accent.

Just go to the following link at showtime and click yourself on in –

Jeff Crippen Interview on Christian Men Against Domestic Violence



  1. Awesome, Jeff! Even Oprah had to start somewhere 😉 Blogtalk this week, NBC next!!

  2. Sweet! Congratulations. Also, I’m sure you’ve heard, but the notorious Drew Peterson was found guilty of his third wife’s murder today. Just finished blogging about that. Hopefully it will lead to some shred of justice for Stacy Peterson as well.

  3. Jeff Crippen

    Great! Drew goes down finally.

  4. I just registered with BlogTalk Radio. It wasn’t that hard. I set up my profile and found that it automatically identified what time zone I am in, and you can set it up so it notifies you before the program goes live to air. Cool! So I won’t have to do that horrible stuff of trying to wrap my mind around the US time zones versus my Oz time. What a relief!

  5. cindy burrell

    How exciting! You go. We’ll be praying for you and hope I get a chance to listen in.

    • Jeff Crippen

      Thanks Cindy. I think that even if you miss the actual live broadcast you can still go to the site and listen later.

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