How we can help a victim obtain justice in the courts – a reblog from Lundy Bancroft

Lundy Bancroft, who many of our readers respect and admire for his wonderful books like Why Does He DO That? [Affiliate link], has been writing a series of blog post about the case of Wendy G.

In his latest post, The Document the Judge Won’t Allow Into Evidence [Internet Archive link], Lundy is asking people to help. He wants people to call to the Michigan Governor and request an investigation into Judge Hulsing’s conduct. Lundy writes:

The Document the Judge Won’t Allow Into Evidence

For those of you who have been following the “Wendi G.” case that I’ve been blogging about for a year now  — and for those of you who are new to it — a document that I have recently put up on my website should stun you — because Judge Jon Hulsing won’t allow this “Forensic Report” into evidence. He has declared that Wendi is lying, and that she manipulated her children into making statements, and on that basis ordered Wendi to jail for 90 days — but he won’t allow into evidence the only thorough and objective interview that was done with the children. And to make matters even more stark, it was an interview that was conducted by a team that specializes in interviewing children.

To read the full report that was barred from evidence click here. [Internet Archive link]

I believe that you if you read the full report, you will find yourself entertaining serious questions about why Judge Hulsing wouldn’t allow this into evidence at hearings or at the trial. This is the type of case the FBI should investigate.

If you feel concerned after reading the report, please call the Michigan governor at:

(517) 373-3400

and request an investigation into Judge Hulsing’s conduct. (This is only one case among several that have been brought to my attention regarding misconduct on Judge Hulsing’s part.)

AN UPDATE ON THE CASE:  Wendi is out of legal options for the moment, though additional routes are likely to open up in the future. In the mean time, she is seeing her children regularly (once per month) with supervision, as ordered by the court. I would like to write more about what happened at the trial, but I am still waiting to find out what I can say about the children’s statements at trial, which is the most important thing to write about.


***IMPORTANT NOTE:  While we endorse Lundy’s writings about the dynamics of domestic abuse, we do not recommend anyone attend the “healing retreats” Lundy Bancroft offers or become involved in his “Peak Living Network”. See our post, ACFJ Does Not Recommend Lundy Bancroft’s Retreats or His New Peak Living Network for more about our concerns.

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