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Infants Are Not Sex Objects — Article by Esther J. Cepeda

[February 19, 2023: There have been some changes made to this post. For more information, read the Editors’ notes at the bottom of the post. Editors.]

(Luke 17:2  ESV)  It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.

The following article is by Esther J. Cepeda and was taken from Infants Are Not Sex Objects [Internet Archive link]. [February 19, 2023: The original link was broken, so we replaced it with an Internet Archived link of the same article, but from a different “newspaper”. We have left the original text of the article Barb quoted alone. Esther J. Cepeda has had her articles in many different online “newspapers”, and some of those online “newspapers” have changed ownership, had their names changed, had their websites reorganized, etc.. Editors.]

We cite the opening paragraphs of the article and then you may read the rest by clicking on the above link. We include this article on our blog because it directly relates to not only child abuse, but to the vulnerability to abuse that such insanity will subject these children to when they grow up:

CHICAGO — Ignorant. Vain. Disrespectful. Negligent. These are just some of the character traits of people who not only accept but condone, finance and promote the sexualization of very young children.

If this sounds a bit harsh, how else would you describe parents who sex up their infants?

Yes, their babies.

Imagine my disgust — after previously having written about how young children have sexual identities projected onto them by the adults in their lives through toddler beauty pageants, sexy clothing for kindergartners, and French-style lingerie for girls as young as 4 — at finding sexualized clothing for newborns.

News reports this month told the story of a group of outraged parents in Mississippi who complained to their local TV station when they found baby onesies for sale printed with a woman’s bust and slim waist covered in only a polka-dot bikini.

Does such a frivolous item mean the end of the world? Of course not, but this is the lame argument that people who believe this novelty is completely harmless often make to defend the indefensible.

And the bikini onesie is among the tamest baby clothing you can find with a quick web search. CafePress, an online seller of stock and customized clothing, has infant body suits that read “Hung like a preschooler”, and one sporting a rainbow that reads “Not gay”. There’s also the “Stripper Infant Bodysuit”, which has two tassled stars silkscreened where the baby’s nipples go. I won’t detail the ones with messages hinting at sexual arousal, pimp culture, sex toys and sexual predators.

Har-dee-har-har. This is what passes as funny for the numbskull parents who choose to clothe their babies in these billboards for family dysfunction….

Esther J. Cepeda writes for the Washington Post Writers Group, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20071. Send email to estherjcepeda@washpost.com.

(Click on the above link to read the rest of the article.)

[February 19, 2023: Editors’ notes:

—For some comments made prior to February 19, 2023 that quoted from the post, the text in the comment that was quoted from the post might no longer be an exact match.
—For some comments made prior to February 19, 2023 that quoted from the post, the text in the comment that was quoted from the post might no longer be found in the post.
If you would like to compare the text in the comments made prior to February 19, 2023 that quoted from the post to the post as it is now (February 19, 2023), click here [Internet Archive link] for the most recent Internet Archive copy of the post.]


  1. speakingtruthinlove

    Reblogged this on Speakingtruthinlove's Blog [Internet Archive link] and commented:
    Evil always progresses to more evil.

  2. movedbyfaith

    Kara’s X gave my child a t-shirt that read “[Insert vulgarities for a woman’s breasts here.]” & a t-shirt for an infant that said “[Insert vulgarity for male genitalia here.]”.

    This is a great platform for a topic of this nature, I forgot all about those t-shirts!

    [February 19, 2023: The T-Shirt comments were edited by Jeff Crippen, most likely very shortly after Movedbyfaith’s comment was posted. See his comment following this one. We don’t know if what Movedbyfaith originally wrote might have been more “successfully” lightly airbrushed — there are many possible words or phrases that might have been on the T-Shirts Movedbyfaith received. Editors.]

    • Jeff Crippen

      Movedbyfaith – edited your comment just a bit, I hope you don’t mind. Yes, this is an example of exactly what Esther Cepeda was calling to her readers’ attention. This is really vile, wicked stuff. I think you can even find such things portrayed as “cute” in moves and on TV. Sexualizing children, whether it be by exposing them to sexual talk, sexual images, sexual “jokes” or sexual activity is so obviously damaging to them that a rock ought to be able to figure that out.

  3. cindy burrell

    God forbid. Sometimes I wonder how much longer God can withhold His hand of judgment from such a perverted and cruel generation.

  4. SAFE 101 Talk Radio

    Reblogged this on S.A.F.E. 101 Talk Radio [This link is broken and we were unable to find a copy in the Internet Archive. Editors.].

  5. Free


    My family always referred to private areas. Comments about the maturity of those parts came often. I always felt exposed.

    “Victoria’s Secret” wall to ceiling pictures in the mall. The billboards for porn shops. The dirty magazines at floor level. Popular music videos. Country music used to be a “safe” option from what I remember. Not anymore. Sex is sold everywhere. It’s repulsive and it’s unsafe for children. Even kids’ shows have women acting like dumb blondes and dressing provocatively. Like mini-porno skits even. Really wrong. You’ve seen low rise jeans for toddlers? Inappropriate. The world thinks cool is exploiting others. It’s not cool. It’s not fashion. It’s wrong.

    • Hi, Free,
      You might like to join the grassroots group Collective Shout [Internet Archive link]. It originated in Australia, but it may be doing things in the US by now as well.

      • Free

        Thanks. I need to see people speaking up. I will never again be silent. Never.

  6. Finding Answers


    My clothing was always conservative.

    I was still the sex object.

    Today, over fifty years later, is the first time I have heard of the kind of baby clothing described in the original post and comments generated. (Years ago, I saw a documentary on one of those very young girl “beauty pageants”.)

    I guess I’m still pretty naive.

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