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Thursday Thought — Have you ever felt afraid of your partner?

Have you ever felt afraid of your partner?  If so, take those feelings seriously.  Notice whether you tell yourself things like: “I’m overreacting — he would never really hurt me.” “He gets extremely angry, but he won’t hit me.” “Yes, he has harmed me in the past, but he swears he won’t do it again.” …

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A Radical New Way of Christian Marriage Counseling

Maybe we have had our heads screwed on exactly backwards on this! You’ve heard that statement or used it yourself before I bet when you came to some new realization that your thinking on a subject was 180 degrees out of whack, right? Well, I am suggesting here, no, I am saying very confidently here …

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Advice to Young Marrieds? Why Michelle Duggar’s Newlywed Sex Advice Hurts Women AND Men

Originally posted on Musings of a Christian Psychologist:
A couple of days ago my social media sites were all a rage about some advice given by Michelle Duggar (19 Kids and Counting fame) in one of her blogs. Here’s the oft-quoted part, She told me: “Michelle, I know you’re so excited. You’re a bride-to-be, but…

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How pre-marital counselling kept this woman entrenched in an abusive marriage — by Kathy

One of our readers, Kathy, wrote this in a reply to a question Jeff C asked her in a thread. We thought it was so helpful we have obtained Kathy’s permission to make it into a post. I  have put the hurtful and damaging messages from the ‘c’hurch into bold font. This story also illustrates …

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Allowing For Divorce Is Not Enough

One of the big issues we are taking on here at ACFJ is those churches who disallow divorce in the case of abuse. Jeff C brings this up often and it remains his sticking point (rightly so) with many pastors and teachers. The notion of asking an abuse victim to remain bound to an abuser …

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Should I marry a man just because we had sex?

Our delightfully diligent editor MeganC has noticed that a common search being made by visitors at this blog is around the question “Should I marry a man just because we had sex?” A while ago I wrote a post called The Bible’s view on premarital sex – is the remedy always “get married”? I’ve created …

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