Allegories, Analogies, and Fairy Tales — from our Posts

Several of our blog posts have insightful analogies / allegories that help one to understand the complex and confusing topic of domestic abuse.  We have compiled a list of those posts for your convenience.  Below you will find a link to each post along with a name of the analogy that is in the post.  Remember also to read the comment section of each post as our readers often enhance the post with their own insightful thoughts.


The House of Cards Analogy: The tangled mess of mistaken notions about what the Bible teaches on divorce

The Tangle of Electrical Cords Analogy: The tangled mess of mistaken notions about what the Bible teaches on divorce

The Wooden Puzzle Analogy: The tangled mess of mistaken notions about what the Bible teaches on divorce

Detangling of yarn and abuse: Tangled Lives of Spiritual Abuse Survivors

  • Detangling — a wonderful word for what we are doing as we recover from abuse.  This post is not one of our own, but it is so good we just had to highlight it here.  Thank you to Julie Annie over at Spiritual Sounding Board for this excellent analogy.

Car Problems (an analogy): Problem Solving in Abusive Relationships

Backstitch Analogy: Does the victim recognize the abusive patterns?  Yes, and no.  And then, by degrees, YES!

Cancer Analogy: The relational cancer of abuse is not like the common cold.

An Allegory of Survival:  A Flower in the Desert

Fable: The Dog and the Rabbit:  Helping children understand domestic abuse

Fire fighting Analogy: Evacuate

Banana Tree: Thursday Thought  Change begins in the heart

I was bitten by a dog — a guest post by Still Scared But Getting Angry

Major Flush Needed Allegory: Attitudes that Promote Abuse in the Church:  Major System Flush Needed

Jello Analogy: Beware the Jello

Black Cow, White Cow Analogy: John Piper’s Works Righteousness “Gospel” (Part 1) — Piper’s teaching tactics and view of God

Surface Tension Analogy: “I am abused.” Those words are so hard to say

The Chameleon Nature of Evil or, “Where’s Waldo?”

Fairy Tale: Emotional Abuse, “Tangled”, and a Revealing Comment

Fable: What Jemimah Puddleduck, and the Pharisees, can teach us about abuse.

Medical Analogy: Wound Healing

Bucketloads of Water Analogy: To pray for our abusers. . .nor not? (we don’t need to pray for the sin that leads to death)

Fairy tales and domestic abuse

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Trapped!  Parallels between domestic abuse and the true story of a warehouse fire

Hepatitis C Analogy: There is a virus of bad theology in the church — an analogy with Hepatitis C

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