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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Reminder: we offer gift books to impoverished survivors of domestic abuse

Update 2 Nov 2021  We used to offer certain books as gifts to cash-strapped survivors. Unfortunately, we can no longer do this. The reason is that Amazon has made it impossible for Barb (in Australia) to buy a book and get Amazon to ship it to another country.

Therefore, readers, please do not buy Amazon gift cards for the A Cry For Justice account at Amazon.

The post below has been left intact for historical purposes only.


One of our readers recently donated some funds to our Gift Books program, so it seems like a good time to remind folks about the offer. Click the link to learn what books we offer free to impoverished survivors of abuse.

If you want to donate funds to the gift books program, you can do so by purchasing an Amazon gift card for A Cry For Justice. It is pretty easy to do this.

  • sign in at your Amazon account and go through the steps to purchase a gift card
  • you will be asked who the gift card is for
  • you can say it is for the A Cry For Justice account at amazon.
  • or you can say it is for the email address:  cryingoutforjustice@runbox.com which is the email address A Cry For Justice uses at Amazon.

The steps I have described work at the amazon.com website (the US site of Amazon). I am not sure whether you can do them at amazon.ca, amazon.com.au, amazon.uk, etc.

A minor way you can contribute to the gift books offer is by purchasing any book we have on our Recommended Books list. When you click on any book in that list and buy it from Amazon, a small amount of the purchase price goes to A Cry For Justice. Those funds build up until Amazon sends a gift card to A Cry For Justice.

I never use such gift cards for my personal needs. I only use them to purchase gift books for survivors of abuse who are struggling financially.

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