The benefits of commenting at our website, rather than our Facebook page

A reader says:

Here is why I’ve personally been blessed by commenting at your blog rather than on Facebook. Maybe others will agree, or have experienced it:

Being anonymous on your blog is a HUGE (beyond huge) blessing. At the blog – the ACFJ website – you can be much more honest and open. Note: this doesn’t mean you get to lie and be cruel. But for anyone who wants to go deeper and be more transparent, the blog is the way to go.

You get to read more variety and insightful comments from others. They too can lower their guards and tell their stories more freely and openly. You also have the honor of replying to them and trying to encourage them as well.

A Cry for Justice moderates your comments and is very discreet (but generous) in what they allow to “go live”. I have no problem with this, because there may be things that need a bit of editing or caution that they’ve picked up on.

I also think it gives A Cry for Justice more exposure when we comment on their blog. They aren’t hungry for publicity, but many victims who surf and search online may stumble on their blog and be very blessed at how “not alone” they are. Such victims may not be able to access or use Facebook as freely if they are in any kind of danger.

Every comment made on Facebook is ephemeral. Who has the time and energy to dig down into Facebook posts and comments to see what was said a long time ago? But on the A Cry For Justice website you can easily read and reply to comments and posts that were published months or years ago.

Some professionals who work in women’s shelters / refuges refer to Facebook as ‘stalk-book’.

If you are following ACFJ on Facebook and commenting at Facebook, I encourage you to start following and commenting on the ACFJ website instead of the ACFJ Facebook page. If you want tips for how to do that, click here.


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