A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Now ACFJ has a new web address you might want to update your bookmarks, links and RSS feed.

If you have Social Media accounts or bookmarks to ACFJ, or if you follow ACFJ at your RSS feed, I suggest you manually update the links. To do this, just change the .com to .blog

We are aware that many links are broken at our website. My assistant Reaching Out is working hard at fixing all the broken links.

I thank God for her fastidious care and perseverance. It is a massive job. We have many pages, posts and comments that will need to be updated.


  1. Trying Again

    Good reminder! Thanks so much for taking on this big job of switching.

  2. Remnant

    It would be a Godly decision to return the “A Cry for Justice” brand name to Jeff Crippen who wrote the book by that name and started the blog by that name, which you slyly and unethically obtained for your own uses. This is the perfect time to rename your blog and forego the former name which was not yours to begin with.

    • Hello Remnant, I reject the accusation that I “slyly and unethically” obtained the A Cry For Justice name for my own use.

      If you go to this post and scroll down to the subheading I’d like to review the history, goals and policies of the A Cry For Justice website and read that section, you will see the reasons why I believe that is a false accusation.

      • Remnant

        Jeff wrote the book by this title,
        Jeff started the blog by this title.

        Why not let him have the title? Surely there are a million others you could come up with.

        It would be good, Holy and kind to return this title to him and to choose a different one for your own use. It truly looks poorly on you to do this, and feels like you betrayed Jeff’s trust in you.

        It would be the just thing to do. I’m crying out for justice for Jeff.

      • Hello Remnant, I kept your comment in moderation for a while. I hope you understand that I sometimes do this because I want to give thought to whether to publish a comment and if I DO decide to publish it I often want to be able to comment in reply straight after I have published it.

        It is true that Jeff’s first book is titled “A Cry For Justice”. As I understand it, from what he told me, he took those words from Job 19:7. And of course it is quite legitimate for an author to title their book by using some words from the Bible; I did that myself with the title of my own book.

        It is true that Jeff started the A Cry For Justice blog along with Anna Wood, who fairly soon after resigned from the blog.

        You ask:

        Why not let him have the title?

        That is a reasonable question. If I may paraphrase from scripture – Come, let us reason together about that question. (Isaiah 1:18)

        I see the ACFJ blog as part of God’s work for helping shine light on abuse and thus helping victims of abuse get free.

        Jeff also said often when he was co-leading this blog with me that the ACFJ blog was God’s work.

        To change the name of the ACFJ blog would certainly give Jeff back the title, the title which is the title of his first book.

        But to change the name of the ACFJ blog would also mean that many of our readers and followers, especially the ones who only occasionally dip in here, or who have just heard about the blog from someone mentioning it in passing — it would mean that unless they were very persistent they would probably not find us and just give up the search. This, in my view, would be deleterious to victims / survivors and to the wider church body that needs to become better at responding to abuse.

        So the justice issues have to be balanced and weighed carefully. I come down in favour of the victims / survivors and readers who are benefitting from the blog. I know Jeff may feel miffed that the title of his first book is now the title of a blog he is not involved with. But remember, he chose to resign from the ACFJ blog in 2017. And before he told me his decision to resign, he never privately asked me to give him back the ownership of this blog. I explained all that in my Response to My Detractors post, which I published in late 2018.

        Does it look poorly on me that I have kept on using the title A Cry For Justice for this blog? Some people may think it does – I can’t help what people think, they have the right to form their own judgements. But some people think it is good I have kept the blog going and those people have not suggested I change the title of the blog; I think those people would probably agree with me that it is sensible to keep the title the same, as the ACFJ title of this blog is relatively well-known in abuse-advocacy land.

      • Furthermore, when Jeff resigned from the ACFJ blog in 2017, he did not ask me to change the name of the blog. He wanted the blog to keep going and he never so much as hinted that he would like me to change the name of the blog.

    • Sister

      Remnant, you are mistaken. Barbara has been forthright all along. It is Jeff Crippen who appears to be being sly, deceptive, acting unethically. I take no pleasure in saying this and I know it’s a very hard pill to swallow because of his great writing and sermons, but it’s true. I hope to make my case soon. (Barbara has not solicited me to do so, she has no knowledge of what I intend to write. I may run it by her first, although I have not decided to for sure because they are my observations and there’s something to be said for it coming completely from the outside. I also don’t know where I will post it / here or maybe get my own site / or somewhere else.) I derive no pleasure in this, but to borrow an expression from Dee from The Wartburg Watch, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

      The painful truth we have all had to come to terms with in getting educated about abuse is that not everyone is who they appear to be. There’s so much more I have to say, but I feel it best to say it all at once. It will be a monumental effort for me to get it together in one coherent, flowing presentation and I’m overwhelmed because I don’t want to do it because I know from the outset it will be triggering. I want to cause no further hurt to victims / survivors including Barbara. I don’t want to launch World War III with Jeff. I was going to write it a few months ago when it all blew up, but had too much stress going on and struggled with the same things I am struggling with now in how to approach it. I had thought maybe the dust had settled and maybe it was over, that I should “let sleeping dogs lie” until this happened. More to follow….

  3. Remnant

    Sister, if what you say is true, Barbara should want to distance herself from Jeff by choosing a new title for her blog because this one is tied so closely to Jeff’s reputation. He wrote the book by this title, he started the blog by this title.

    It would truly help Barbara to stand on her own credibility by giving up this title and choosing a unique one of her own.

    • Hmmm….you just told me what I ‘should’ want, Remnant. (just sayin’)

      And by the way, Remnant, yes I did block you on Twitter. I did that because I have found Twitter to be a very volatile place where it is hard to have reasoned discussion. And I sensed that if I engaged with you on Twitter, it would be pretty unproductive.

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