Blog News: Gift Books — New offer

Update 2 Nov 2021  We used to offer certain books as gifts to cash-strapped survivors. Unfortunately, we can no longer do this. The reason is that Amazon has made it impossible for Barb (in Australia) to buy a book and get Amazon to ship it to another country.

The post below has been left intact for historical purposes only.


UPDATE: Our supply is of donated copies of this book is now exhausted.

We have shared in the past about Don Hennessy’s new book, Steps to Freedom: Escaping Intimate Control [Affiliate link]. To learn more about his book see Barbara’s post: Steps to Freedom: Escaping Intimate Control – Don Hennessy’s new book

The Irish publisher Liberties Press has sold out of its first printing and has reprinted it. But book release dates differ in the non-American market from the American market. Amazon USA says the book will be available in September. And for reasons we can’t understand, Book Depository which is a UK company says it will be available in October. 

Meanwhile, Don Hennessy has generously donated copies of his book to ACFJ. As we have done in the past with other books through our Gift Book project we are making these copies available to cash-strapped victims.

If you are a victim of abuse who wants but can’t afford to purchase or is hesitate to purchase because your only credit card account is jointly shared with your abuser — a copy of Steps to Freedom, please email Barbara at barbara@notunderbondage.  We presently have only a few copies of this book. We will handle requests in the order that we receive them.