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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

How can I help my friend or relative who has been abused? — a new FAQ

How can I help my friend or relative who has been abused?

We are often asked by friends and relatives how can they help the person they know who is being abused.  There are approaches that are more effective and safe than one may realize, so we have compiled a list of our various resources, books, and posts, and put it on our FAQ page.

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  1. I cannot unsee what I see now

    This is a handy resource. I wish I would have known about your site a couple of years ago but I do now. I believe my story of abuse by a husband, pastor and church will be published on the internet soon and I want to have resources available to encourage women in similar circumstances and those who love them. I could not understand how I could divorce from a wicked man esteemed in the church while still loving the Lord. I had so many theological tangles to sort out along with the distortions and lies I believed from the abuser. SO grateful for your ministry and hope it can be a resource for many when the story is told.

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