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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Blog Update — Like Comment feature


We know many of you use the ‘like comment’ feature on this blog.  It has been a useful tool for letting someone know that you appreciate their comment.  But. . .

Recently one of our attentive readers made us aware of a safety issue surrounding the email notification that WordPress automatically sends out when a comment is ‘liked’.  Included in that email notification sent by Wordpress to a person when their comment has been ‘liked’ is information as to the general location (if you live in the US that includes the city and state) of the person who liked the comment.  And the location is quite accurate.  We have been in touch with WordPress and made them aware of this safety issue and asked them to remove the general location information, but while our request is on record, it doesn’t appear that they will be changing their policy.

So, for the safety of our readers we feel it necessary to remove the ‘like’ comment feature. If WordPress ever changes their policy so that the safety issue is eliminated we will enable the feature.  Until then duty of care for our readers is our priority!


  1. silentnomore

    Thats a similar reason I don’t comment or like things on the FB page anymore. My not so dh went through my like history on FB and used it for accusation purposes. He doesn’t know I have a WordPress account. 😉

    • MeToo

      Me too!! I had to stop commenting and liking many things on Facebook as he was always checking up on me or getting his spies to check up on me, even though we are separated. I hate how it comes up in their newsfeed. Wish there was a way of blocking them without them realising they’ve been blocked as I’m too afraid to unfriend them. 😢

      • twbtc

        Hi MeToo,

        I don’t know much about the workings of FB – maybe some of our readers would have some suggestions on how to help protect oneself on FB.

        And speaking of protecting oneself, you will see that I changed your screen name – yes, to protect your identity. Just as abusers and their allies stalk FB, we also have them here, so we caution our readers to be very careful to not use identify screen names or give identifying details. We like to encourage new commenters to check out our New Users page as it gives tips for staying safe when commenting on the blog.

        And Welcome to the blog! Oh, if you want a different screen name, just email at twbtc.acfj@gmail.com and I can change it for you 🙂

  2. healingInHim

    Thank you for your diligence in keeping us safe. I had never paid attention to the “location issue” but it is definitely a valid concern.

  3. standsfortruth

    Oh darn, I had so much fun with that like feature!
    But I understand the need for safety.
    Hope it gets resolved soon…

  4. fiftyandfree

    Like 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Reflecting on this post and reading the comments … “Lord. How You must ache to see such evil. Abusers stalking the vulnerable. The victims having no freedom; needing protection … Lord, please continue to protect and bless the ministries who have Your heart of compassion in reaching out to us and being ever mindful of the evil that seeks to destroy innocent lives.”

    • bright sunshinin' day

      Anonymous: “Like” 🙂

  6. Nutshell

    Thank you for being ever so careful with the identity of your readers.

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