The manger

The only sure place to go is the manger. This time of year, I go to the manger because the world is so lonely and messy and exactly why Jesus came to earth as an innocent baby. He does not condemn or question. He draws me in love and hope.


We’ve been so busy at the back of the blog that today’s Sunday post is short and sweet. The above was written by Carol, one of our readers. Thank you, Carol.

You can see the original here where Seeing Clearly wrote it in the thread that emanated from Ellie’s post Manipulative Patterns of Abusers.

3 thoughts on “The manger”

  1. Thank you, Seeing Clearly. Indeed, our Savior came in great humility. It’s overwhelming to think all He left and sacrificed for His people. What a great and amazing Lord we serve.

  2. Yes!! The entire service at church yesterday was Jesus from the time Mary was told she would bare the King of all Kings, to the manger where Christ was born to His death, burial and resurrection . Jesus came so humbly and humbly went to the cross all for us. Overcoming death made Him completely victorious. The greatest story ever told was being told through children, there parents and in song. There is nothing quite like hearing O Holy Night played on a harp. It filled my heart up to overflowing.

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