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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Request for volunteer(s)

Request for a volunteer or volunteers to take shipment of Barb’s book and deliver it to worthy places in the USA.

I have many copies of Not Under Bondage that I got printed back in 2008. They are currently in storage in Melbourne.

My father is ailing, and I am being his carer. He offered me some money as recompense but I don’t want money so he thought of another idea: that he could pay for shipping these books to the USA. It was amazing that he thought of that idea since it has been a dream of mine for some time: I feel guilty that the books are just sitting here unused when they could be helping people.

I would like to ship the books to a volunteer (or volunteers) who live in the USA, for the purpose of distributing them to worthy destinations where the books are likely to be of help to survivors of abuse. I think that the volunteer(s) would ideally have stable accommodation, preferably their own house not a rental so they are not likely to have to move. I think it is a task which might be difficult for someone who still has kids at home, as I know how demanding and unpredictable the workload of parenting can be, especially when parenting after abuse. So it would probably be a job which would be ideal for someone who is a good administrator, whose kids have left home, and who owns their own house or at least is confident they have stable accommodation for the medium to long term, with room to store the cartons of books until they all get distributed.

Distribution of the books

I would like the volunteer/s to mail or otherwise deliver the books to:

  • Womens’ Shelters/Women’s Refuges/Supported Accommodation
  • Agencies that support victims of domestic abuse (secular or Christian)
  • Christian ministries and individuals who show real interest in the book and who could continue doing effective ministry if they were saved the hassle and cost of buying the book themselves.
  • Libraries, so long as the library has expressed interest in putting the book on its shelves and is not going to just dump it on the throw-out table.

As you can imagine, the distribution of the books would take some thought and administrative skills, time and effort on the volunteer’s part. It would require the volunteer to find out names and contact details of organizations that could be the end-recipients of the book, and to ascertain from the organization that they are willing to accept a gift of the book. I don’t want to give the book to organizations which will just put it in the trash bin or leave it in the back office so it never gets used.

My dad (via me) would pay the mailing costs that the volunteer or volunteers would incur in distributing the books to their final destinations. I would have to do this in good faith, so I would prefer that the volunteer or volunteers be people we ‘know’ due to them being regular commenters on the blog.

Would any of you be interested in doing this?

If a few volunteers took it on collectively, it would be ideal if one person were a main coordinator to take responsibility for how the team divided up the task. For example, it could be managed by dividing the USA into different regions, with each volunteer targeting a different geographical area. Or it might work best to divide the task up according to classes of receivers: one person taking on shelters, another libraries,  etc. I can leave that to the coordinator to decide — hope you are out there, dear coordinator!

Some organizations may be wiling to receive one copy of the book; others may want several copies, or even a whole carton (there are 40 books per carton). If a recipient is  taking a whole carton and on-selling them to help fund their ministry to victims of abuse, that’s fine by me so long as the ministry is helping the abused in some way and is honest in their financial management. But naturally, I don’t want to give it to recipients who will just on-sell it for their own gain.

I have 45 cartons of NUB that I would like to distribute in this way.  At 40 books per carton, that equals 1800 copies of Not Under Bondage in total.

If you are wondering whether you would have room to store some or all of cartons in your house, here are the dimensions of each carton:

  • height 11 inches (27.5 cm)
  • width 14 1/4 inches (36 cm)
  • depth 10 1/2 inches (26.5 cm)

FYI, the book printed in Oz is slightly larger and heavier than the version that is printed POD in the States, because the page size is slightly bigger and a heavier weight paper.  So if you have a copy of my book that you purchased from somewhere like Amazon.com, then your copy will be slightly lighter and less robust than the copies printed in Australia.

If any of you are confident you could do this, if you are willing to take receipt of some or all of these boxes and help distribute them for the purposes I described above, can you please email me at barbara@notunderbondage.com.

Note: for Barb’s sanity, please give your email the subject line Volunteer for distributing NUB to destinations in the USA.

I would be arranging the shipping from Australia through a removal company that operates in both Australia and the USA. The book cartons would be sent by sea as a partial container load,  i.e., sharing the shipping container with other clients of the removal firm who are moving their household goods from Australia to USA.

For economy’s sake, it would be best if I could send the books to one volunteer, or at most two or three volunteers who could store them until they were distributed. So please do not volunteer to take responsibility for only a few cartons. But if you want to volunteer to do part of the administrative and communication side of the task, without being able to store the books in your house, that may be of help. Please be specific about what you are wiling to volunteer for. And please write in full sentences and don’t be ambiguous; and please don’t use the email to tell me your personal life story, that will save me time —  and time, for this busy lady, is precious.

Oh, and one last detail. As most of you know,  since writing Not Under Bondage I changed my mind about which scriptures are most pertinent for a church discipline for abusive individuals, and I wrote a post about my change of mind on this blog. I would want the volunteer(s) to print out small stickers and stick them into the front page of the books before they distribute them. The stickers advise readers to read the book in conjunction with my post Church Discipline and Church Permission for Divorce: How My Mind has Changed


  1. Friend of Victim

    Also, will the book still be available on Amazon? (I don’t think I’m a good candidate, but may still want to purchase a few copies and/or recommend it to people to buy in the hope they will read it.)

    • twbtc

      Yes, FOV, Barb’s book will still be available on Amazon. The books that Barb is referring to in this post are books that are in her personal possession.

    • The book will always be available on Amazon and all the other retail booksellers.
      And from my own site notunderbondage.com which I am in the process of getting converted to Shopify.

      • Friend of Victim

        Thanks twbtc & Barb. 🙂

  2. Just to let you all know that at the moment we are not publishing comments from readers who are offering to help with this project. We don’t want your offers to be made public — for your safety, and so that no one gets their nose out of joint if their offer was not accepted by us. Hope you understand. I would prefer you email me if you are offering your assistance, but if you make your offer by submitting a comment to this thread, your comment will be held in a pending folder at the back of the blog, so we can see it but the public cannot.


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