A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Getting the Right Kind of Help — an article by Dr George Simon Jr.

Here is Dr George Simon’s latest blog article. It is relevant to those who may be thinking of seeking counseling.

Getting the Right Kind of Help, Part 2

This is an informational post so we are slipping it in on a Saturday, a day we don’t normally post on. 


  1. GettingFree

    “The potential therapist’s understanding of the impact of character disturbance. Many therapists simply don’t appreciate the kinds of unique trauma folks currently in or who have survived toxic relationships have experienced.” (taken from the second paragraph of the article)

    Maybe this is why custody evals can sometimes be so negative for the victims of abuse. They are not always negative, but it seems there have been some on this blog that have had that happen. Doctor Simon’s article is excellent in describing this and discussing what can happen.

  2. Anonymous

    ACFJ alerted me to Dr George Simon’s resources. Thanks for alerting us to this article on a non-posting day 🙂

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