Update on our ‘Hall of Blind Guides’ page

We have made a fairly significant addition / modification to our Hall of Blind Guides page so we thought we would give you a heads up. This is the pertinent section:

1. Christian Denominations.  Abuse occurs in every Christian denomination. Baptists, Presbyterian, Independent, Lutheran, Reformed….all of them. Churches in some denominations, such as Baptist, are self-governing. Others, such as Presbyterian or Lutheran or Methodist (as just a few examples) have accountability of varying degrees to some governing body such as a Presbytery or Synod. We receive reports of abuse victims receiving injustice at the hands of their local church in all sorts of denominations. Therefore, we cannot wholly endorse a particular denomination as a whole as being a safe place for abuse victims.

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has published material to help victims: LCMS Response to Abuse. [This link is broken. Editors.] The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) has published a position paper which states that physical abuse is grounds for divorce, but we also receive numerous reports of PCA churches dealing out injustice to victims and not following that position paper. The Christian Reformed Church, similarly, cannot be endorsed as “safe” for victims as a denomination, as we have received reports of grave injustices up to the synod level; but it is devoting some resources to educating its members about abuse.

The key then is to find a local church where the pastor and leaders understand abuse and are resolved to protect victims and expose abusers. We cannot label any denomination as guaranteed “safe.” There is often a big gap between rhetoric and reality.

Any denominations that we expressly name here in our Hall of Blind guides (such as some of the “micro” Presbyterian denominations), are so infected with radical patriarchy (patriocentrism) that we would deem any of their churches to be unsafe.


Some people have asked where to find the Hall of Blind Guides page. It  is in the drop-down menu under the tab Our Beliefs, which is at the top of the blog.

We now have 18 items listed in the Hall of Blind Guides. You might like to scan the whole page again if you haven’t been there since we first set it up.

4 thoughts on “Update on our ‘Hall of Blind Guides’ page”

  1. So here’s a modest proposal for any denomination or para-church organization or individual named here to clear their name from the list: Publicly investigate the ‘grave injustice’ and the reality of ‘radical patriarchy’ that conflicts with the rhetoric. After all, if the head is dirty, the whole body is dirty. Clean up the leadership and the sheep are set free.

  2. I have looked through the Hall. Even those few churches that have a documented belief against abuse I would be leery of. You just don’t know what the individual churches are doing even with that document.

  3. Thank you, Barbara, for your courage in doing this. The more we discern truth, the more we are set free (John 8:32).

  4. Focus on the Family is an intriguing one.
    This link goes to a PDF called Higher Love – Discovering Gods Design for your marriage.. by Focus on the Family… this following quote is found in this booklet…..
    …..There’s no place for violence, verbal abuse, or rudeness in marriage…

    When I searched verbal abuse on the site only three links came up… really not much to offer along the abuse line.
    Thanks for this very useful information

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