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Gmail changes — information that may affect some of our readers

Apparently Gmail is making some changes to their user interface.  These changes are being implemented over time so not all users will start using the new interface at the same time.

As we understand it,  the new interface means that instead of all emails going into someone’s inbox,  gmail will automatically sort your emails into various pre-determined tabs.  This may mean that emails such as posts from ACFJ will go into the “promotion” tab rather than the “primary” tab (the equivalent to the current “inbox”), making finding the post a bit annoying.  The link below explains how gmail users can change the settings so they can control what tab they want emails to go into.


This information may be useful to readers who use gmail and have ACFJ posts automatically delivered to their gmail account.


  1. Jeff S

    I have already had this change go to my gmail account. ACFJ emails go to my “social” tab.

    I really like this feature 🙂

  2. Little Miss Me

    Gmail users can opt out of this configuration entirely.

    Or you can adjust where mail goes by simply dragging a message to the tab they want. Gmail will ask if the user wants all future messages to be sorted that way in a yellow box at the top of the window – click yes and Gmail will put it there in the future. So if you want ACFJ messages in your Primary or Social tab, you can make that happen.

  3. Wisdomchaser

    I am already dealing with this new feature. The jury is still out on how useful it will be. Doubling the number to places I have to look for something is inconvenient. I think I will continue to come to your web site and read the articles.

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