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Jeff S’s New Promo Track — and his concert this coming Sunday

We, at ACFJ, are excited to watch the development of Jeff S’s creativity through “Steady On”. His giftings in music and song-writing are, we believe, fresh, deep, ministering and solid in truthfulness. We follow his endeavors closely and wanted to share with our blog family his new promo video, “No Me.”
It is so beautiful to watch . . . and to hear  . . . I watched it several times when it hit my inbox. Watch, be blessed, and share.

And if you like the song, it’s already available for download on NoiseTrade (though feel free to tip!).

Finally, Jeff and Jenny (his lead singer) are playing a live acoustic concert on StageIt this coming Sunday for anyone with internet access to watch. Tickets are only $5, so be sure to check it out.

As always, we hope the music of Steady On is a blessing and encouragement to you.

Love, Meg


  1. Jeff S

    Thanks for posting this Meg- I’m glad the music and video has been a blessing 🙂

  2. jritterbrunsonj

    This is a powerful song with an important message for everyone.

    • Jeff S

      Thank you for the encouragement.

      It’s worth noting that I wrote this song 8 or 9 years ago and it played a very important role for me as I was going through my divorce. When it felt like everyone was against me and that there was no reason to hold on to faith, there was a strong draw just to chuck it and descend into some form of hedonism. But every time I started being tempted in that direction, this song popped into my head reminding me that there is no purpose without God and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. And so while I fought against the false teaching that tore me town, I did not rebel against God and my ultimate purpose in life.

      My hope is that it may encourage others the way it encouraged me.

  3. Just Me

    Great song!!

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