A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Introducing our new FAQ Section

images-4What about divorce?
What about remarriage?
What about reconciliation?

We are frequently asked these and other questions.  So, to make it easier for readers to find topic-related posts for our most frequently asked questions, we have added a new FAQ section to the blog.  It can be found on the top menu bar. In addition to the current FAQs, we are working on more FAQs which we will be adding as we complete them. And to help accommodate the new FAQ tab we have restructured the About tab. It is now a drop-down menu with new subheadings.

Also, the blog team will be taking a partial rest over the next two weeks, so we probably won’t be publishing new posts over that time, though we may publish posts that highlight a particular FAQ. During these next two weeks, we encourage readers to explore each of our FAQs pages and check out the links on each page.  We will still be moderating blog comments, so readers are very welcome to comment on any of the old posts, including the ones we have linked to our FAQ pages.

We will resume our regular schedule of posts on January 16th.  In the mean time we suggest you start your new year exploring our new FAQ section and familiarizing yourself with the newly restructured About tab.

As we said, the FAQs can be found in our top menu bar, and we strongly encourage you to get used to accessing it via that menu.

However, here is a direct link to our FAQs page for those who want it:  FAQ



  1. sheisovercoming

    May you enjoy your down time and be refreshed. ❤

  2. Song of Joy

    FAQ is a great idea!

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