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Three Nasty Things (some) Women are Saying About Naghmeh — by Natalie, at Visionary Womanhood

This brilliant post by Natalie over at Visionary Womanhood, analyses the different negative and judgemental things that bystanders are saying about Nahgmeh Abedini.

Three Nasty Things (some) Women are Saying About Naghmeh [This link was replaced by an archived link from the Internet Archive. Natalie Klejwa is now Natalie Hoffman and blogs at Flying Free. Editors.]

Spot on, Natalie! You’ve hit it out of the park!



  1. Starlight

    Deciding people’s motives and attributing evil motives to them (when they had no such thoughts) is a big part of what my abuser did to me. That is craziness, at least that is what I have learned by reading Patricia Evan’s book – The Verbally Abusive Relationship. I believe Nagmeh. I doubt if she had any motives other than what she revealed. The way it all played out is the way it all played out – in God’s perfect way and timing, I might add!

    It is not evil to not want to be abused, she is an American citizen with basic human rights! It was actually Saeed that threatened her with divorce if she didn’t promote him publicly and he also had a domestic assault charge against him giving her further credibility in her claim!

    I can’t believe she could have done anything to be more credible, she must truly be following the leading of the Spirit at every turn. It is amazing that she fought for Saaed’s release from Iran, a horrific Iranian prison – he is her husband and the father of her children – she is absolutely right and justified in refusing any further domestic abuse and we thank God she had a chance to live abuse free with her children for several years. [Eds: Actually, Saeed was still abusing her via phone calls while he was in prison. She was not free of abuse during his imprisonment.]

    Of course she was not looking forward to being abused all over again. She is a brave, brave wise woman and she has my full support. Just ignore the naysayers Nagmeh, If God is for you, who can be against you?!!

  2. Sue

    agreed, Stay with God Nagmeh, He will sort it out with you.
    “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow” Keep crying out, God knows the truth
    and it will set you free!

  3. Anewanon

    My favorite part…. Blogging here….

    Back to the idea of God changing the hearts of abusive men. Can He do this? Yes, of course He can. And once in a blue moon, a man repents and is transformed. But God can also raise people from the dead. That doesn’t mean if your child dies, they will be raised in your lifetime. God doesn’t control us like puppets. He doesn’t take every abuser and turn them into Gandhi. People make their own choices, and more often than not, abusive men don’t change because they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong. They are liars, and their most faithful believer is themselves. That’s why Saeed can say with a straight face full of conviction that his wife is lying. He doesn’t believe that what he’s done is all that bad. His wife is making a mountain out of a molehill. What’s her problem? Abusers always make the victim out to be the bad guy. Always. And abusers, especially ones that claim to be Christians, often look like incredibly benevolent, charitable people. Just one more reason it is so difficult to extract oneself from their web.


    • Still Scared but you can call me Cindy

      Well said

  4. For Too Long

    I haven’t posted on my Facebook wall in many months – not since my whole church discipline nightmare began (many of my Facebook friends go to that church), but I simply HAD to post this article! It was excellent, but one of the best parts for me was,

    There is a boat load of shame associated with abuse, and most of the time the woman keeps silent simply because it is tremendously embarrassing on many levels. She often doesn’t want her abusive partner to get in trouble or be embarrassed either. When the pain of dealing with the abuse becomes greater than the pain of ‘telling’ – she finally comes forward. It is a huge hurdle to overcome, and often after coming forward she isn’t even believed by many people…

  5. Song of Joy

    Standing with Naghmeh and the children! May the Lord uphold and protect them through this trial.

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