A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Thursday Thought — Questioning Your Lawyer

In addition to the recent post by an ACFJ reader, Still Reforming, Questions to Ask Before Retaining a Lawyer if you are a Victim of Domestic Abuse, we also have an article on our Legal Issues resource page that provides additional questions and helpful advice to consider when retaining a lawyer. Below are a couple of the suggested questions from that article.   You can read the complete article at Questioning Your Lawyer [Internet Archive link].

  • Have you ever handled a case like mine?
  • What was the outcome?  How was the case disposed?
  • What steps would you take in handling a case like mine?
  • Can you give me two to three names of previous clients I can speak with regarding your services?
  • What organizations do you belong to?  Follow this with a Google search.



  1. MaxGrace

    Isn’t there some kind of a privacy act that prohibits lawyers from giving out names of their clients? I suppose there could be a client who would also volunteer to be a reference. That just crossed my mind ThanksTWBTC!!!!!!!

  2. Anewanon

    Good luck in getting them to “disclose clients names”… unfortunately the legal system is a bit different than the gutter or roofing business wherein they are eager for your business. I am not sure that is even permissible with lawyer/client privacy privilege.

    After having gone through this, I believe you are better off going to your friends, family, prayer warriors and bible study groups and asking if they know of anyone who is trustworthy. By doing this, then when you DO follow up on a good lead, the lawyer now has a reputation to live up to and not tarnish. If you want a bull dog, then ask around for the best bull dog and go interview them,. At the very least, you can lock them up so that your opposition can’t hire them against you either.

    My prayers go out to anyone who must take this path. It is heartbreaking beyond belief. No one marries with this final step in mind.

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