9 thoughts on “Thursday Thought — Cause of Divorce”

  1. I would have called it sin rather than bad actions, but still very much correct. When I think of it, which I try not to, I was technically emotionaly, mentally and physically divorced several years before the legal document said that I was. There was nothing left in me that said I could hold the marriage together or even want to.

  2. Whoa! As I was walking to work just now, contemplating “Amy’s” experience at Mars Hill under Mark Driscoll (article of July 30), I was thinking along the following lines:

    God judges according to the heart and not by outward appearances. If a woman is married to a man that follows Driscoll’s doctrine of marriage, that is, if she is married to a man that relates to her on the basis of authority and power rather than on the basis of love, he has in his heart put his wife away. He has separated himself from her and her from him. It has been said that separation is the essence of sin. Separation is also the essence and definition of divorce.

    Through Moses God commanded that a man must give his wife a certificate of divorce if he was guilty of effecting such a separation. A certificate merely attests to that which is. It does not create the thing to which it certifies. Whether rightly or wrongly (and I think rightly), our laws reserve the issuance of a certificate of divorce (in the form of a divorce decree) to the Courts. A woman need not apply to her “husband” for such a certificate. She may, and must, apply to the Courts. Because in God’s eyes it is the man’s acts in driving his wife from his heart, and in separating his heart from hers, that constitutes the sin of divorce, obtaining a decree (certificate) of divorce is merely obtaining through the Courts that which Moses required the husband to freely grant.

    Is it going too far to suggest that, if a husband insists on attending a church like Mars Hill, that is, in and of itself, grounds for divorce? If not instantly, how long must a wife endure? How long must a wife and children suffer under the tyrant such a man must almost certainly be and increasingly become?

    1. GaryW – Yes. Really, insisting on staying at a place like that is the same as insisting the family join a Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon “church”. Deuteronomy 13 has a lot to say about us never going along with even our best friend or family member if they want us to go and serve other gods. Reason for the divorce – spiritual adultery and idolatry.

    2. Gary W,
      While reading your response John Piper’s (Ugh, can’t stand thinking about him, but…)response to a wife being godly, submissive and respectful while being asked to do something that she knows to be sin and wants to put God above her husband. She, knowing this is utter nonsense and a cult should be able to say, “Honey, I would really love to be able to follow you as the leader of this family, but this is not God’s version of a true church. They are teaching not from the Word of God, but from the evil of their hearts and I have to go to a church that truly proclaims the Gospel and not their version of it.” or something to that affect.

      The family should not have to follow this lead at all.

  3. I am submitting this post for Jacklyn as it was originally posted on a page that doesn’t receive comments, and I think, Jacklyn, you may have meant this comment for here. If I am wrong, please let me know.

    Jacklyn says “Thank You So Much..Comforting and confirming words…Lead me Lord to do what is needed to do.”

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