A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Two Little Boys are Dead Because of a Court-Ordered “Supervised” Visit

UPDATE Sept 2021: I have come to believe that Jeff Crippen does not practise what he preaches. He vilely persecuted an abuse victim and spiritually abused many other people in the Tillamook congregation. Go here to read the evidence. Jeff has not gone to the people that he spiritually and emotionally abused. He has not apologised to them, let alone asked for their forgiveness.


Two little boys are dead.  We ought to be outraged.  Their mother is dead as well, having disappeared in 2009.  Their father, Josh Powell, was the focused person of interest in her disappearance, and custody of his two boys was given to his in-laws recently after Josh’s father was arrested for assorted sexual crimes.  Today, Josh Powell murdered his two boys and killed himself in a final cowardly act of vengeance.  And it happened right here where I live in the Pacific Northwest.

Why should we be outraged?  Because in the “wisdom” of our court and social services agencies, one single female state worker took the boys to their father’s house for a “supervised visit.”  One woman, taking these little guys to chat with the primary suspect in their mother’s homicide.  You can bet this was against the will of their mother’s parents, who had custody of them.  And when the social services worker took them to the house, they ran ahead of her to the door.  Josh Powell took them inside, blocked the door so the social worker couldn’t enter, and blew himself and those little ones up in a fireball.  Why?  Because in the “wisdom” of the “professionals” it is ALWAYS best for children to have a relationship with their father.  Even if he has sexually molested them or worse.  Even if he is the primary suspect in the murder of their mother.  Gotta have a relationship with good old Dad.  The Pro’s know.  Mothers – well, they are just overly protective and biased to know what is good for their kids.  And yes, I know as well as anyone that in SOME cases the mother is the abuser.  But not in most.

Over and over and over again this is happening.   How long will it continue?  Who will be held accountable for this?  Who is going to be held responsible for sending one woman to a homicide suspect’s house with that murdered mother’s children, to sit in the living room and watch as Dad has a nice little interaction with the children?  Surprise, surprise.  He easily kept her outside and then killed those children.

Yes, my tone here is harsh.  This should make everyone who knows about it fightin’ mad.


  1. A.Marie

    Your tone is harsh and rightly so. This is absolutely unbelievable but it doesn’t surprise me. You see, I am a former foster mother who was able to adopt my foster daughter….but only because her 1st case worker got married and quit. Thank goodness that she did! Because, she wanted to start the reunification process for my daughter to return home to her bio mother….never mind the fact that my daughter had suffered abuse at the hands of the bio mom and other relatives. I was like, “WHAT?” Then she confided that she was wanting to get rid of all the cases on her desk so that the next case worker wouldn’t have to deal with them. Again, I’m like, “WHAT?” Thankfully, this woman left before she could accomplish her mission with my daughter. As soon as the new case worker walked in my front door, she sat down with me and said, “Absolutely NOT!” Fast-forward 4 months later: the Bio Mom voluntarily terminated her rights and then, a year later, my husband and I adopted our daughter. There is so much wrong with the Foster Care system that I don’t even know WHERE to begin.

  2. Outrage is the only valid response. Thanks for showing it, Jeff. If we women show it we are squashed and ridiculed.

    The child visitation laws and policies are wreaking havoc in kids’ lives and mothers’ lives all over the States, and also in my own country, Australia. But I think it’s worse in the States. Anyone who wants support and more info should go to http://www.protectivemothersalliance.org/ [This link is broken and there is no replacement. Editors.]

  3. Elizabeth Kraus

    I have a little different take on it. One, I think the courts were foolish and wrong. However, had they ordered visitation for him in a public place vs. this home, I believe he would have gone in to that place, guns blazing, and may have taken even more people out in the process. I’m not in any way saying that this is ok; this man should have been in jail but apparently was just ‘smart enough’ to hide the body of his wife where it couldn’t be found.

    I just don’t think the murders were preventable, given that the court was going to order some type of visitation.

    I’m outraged by this from end to end — I’m just saying that he was bent on committing these murders and then taking himself out like the coward, consumed with evil that he was.

    • Jeff Crippen

      Thanks Elizabeth. You make a good point. I hate to have to accept this fact, as I know you do too: If a man is set upon killing his victim, there is nothing we can do to stop it. There is some truth in that statement, though I hate to admit it. “If I were king” – I would lock up every guy who shows the classic abuser, stalker pattern. But then, that’s not going to happen. I do think that the GREATEST instrument in this whole world in standing against an abuser who is even as evil as Powell, is the CHURCH! That is, the real church. If genuine Christians will get their act together and wise up. Just think of it – a whole community of Christians (local church) standing firm with a victim. Guard her house. Give her shelter and food in a place he doesn’t know about. Monitor his activities. PRAY for her. I know all of this is still not fool proof and ultimately it is the Lord who must protect her. But no one can deny that there is a whole lot more we can do in these situations. Thanks again.

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