A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst


Christ Reformation Church—Ps Jeff Crippen, CRC Tillamook, Oregon

All of Jeff Crippen’s sermons are available as PDFs as well as audio files.  To obtain the PDF for a sermon you have to go to the page for that particular sermon.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

21 sermons by Jeff Crippen dealing with the psychology and methods of sin

The Religion of the Pharisees

9 sermons by Jeff Crippen, relevant to how some churches respond to domestic abuse

Wise as Serpents — A Practical Theology of Evil

26 sermons by Jeff Crippen, with the purpose of exposing evil in its practice.

Note: we featured the Wise as Serpents sermons in a series on this blog. Barb Roberts transcribed the most valuable things Jeff had said extempore in his sermons and, with Jeff’s permission, Barb added extra comments and insights. Go to our Wise as Serpents Digest to find a list of all those posts.

Christ is for the Righteous and Against the Wicked 

Ps Crippen gave this message at the Overcoming Powerlessness luncheon in York, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, May 14, 2016.  While the original video link is broken, a written version of his message can be found at the ACFJ post Christ is for the Righteous and Against the Wicked. (link above)  Many thanks to Fred and Bonnie Wilt and all of the OCP volunteers and board members who made it possible for Jeff to give this message.

Biblical Mandate or Tradition

This is a Sunday School address, not a sermon, and the speaker is Dr. Craig Brown, an elder at CRC Tillamook. He spoke on the topic of Biblical Mandate or Tradition – sometimes we think that traditions carry more authority than they do. What is a tradition and how are we to handle them biblically?

Ps Sam Powell — First Reformed Church, Yuba City, CA

Dealing With Abusive Men—Psalm 129

Living with a Deceitful Man – Psalm 120

Things that God Hates — 1 Corinthians 5

The Purification of the Church — 1 Corinthians 5:1 – 8

This sermon gives superb teaching about true excommunication compared to the kind of excommunication which is done by hard-hearted leadership.

Ps Chris Davis

1 Corinthians 7:1-7 

Explains why sexual abuse in marriage is prohibited; you can see our reader’s comments on this sermon here.


  1. LL

    Powell’s sermon “Dealing with Abusive Men” is powerful. He addresses evil and wicked men full force. This is the first time I have heard a sermon that addresses abusers for who they truly are in God’s kingdom. It was very empowering to hear it addressed in this manner because many of us experience additional abuse from the church when the abuser appears repentant but truly is not.

    • Thanks LL, and by the way, I changed your screen name to LL, as a precaution for your safety.

      You might like to read our New Users’ Info Page if you haven’t already.

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