4 thoughts on “Jeff Crippen, Keynote Speaker at Overcoming Powerlessness Luncheon, Pennsylvania”

  1. Jeff,
    Are you planning on doing any conferences in any other parts of the US? If you are, please let us all know ahead of time (like you are with this one) so we don’t miss them!

  2. Your site is so very valuable! I often forward your daily emails on to other friends and family members. I discovered your site back in May 2015 when reading about The Village Church and Karen Hinkley, and have since been gobbling up everything I can from your site.

    1. Hi Grateful,

      Welcome to the blog! Glad you are finding encouragement here.

      To protect your identity I changed your screen name. May I suggest you read our New Users’ page. It gives helpful tips for staying safe when commenting on the blog. Also your comment included links to another site, which we have removed. To understand why, please go to our New Users page and scroll down to the section entitled “including links and resources in your comment”. That explains our policy on links.

      Again, Welcome!

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