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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

New Policy on Links and Recommendations in Comments

Due to the workload it has been creating for ACFJ administrators, we have decided on a new policy for comments.

We will no longer publish any comments that contain links to other websites or that recommend books or other resources.

It has simply been taking us too much time to check out the links and books that have been recommended in comments.  And it was tricky for us as moderators because we have usually wanted to publish the rest of the comment but couldn’t do so until we had checked out the link in the comment text.

If you want to recommend a resource, a book or a link, please do so by emailing TWBTC at twbtc.acfj@gmail.com.  This is the only way we will consider them.

At the same time, please remember that we already have an extensive compilation of Resources which you can always access from our top menu, and that while we are prepared to add excellent new resources to that list, we suspect that our Resources are being under-utilized by readers.  For example, quite often when a reader asks a question, there are already items in our list of Resources which would help answer their question. — Please don’t feel that we are rapping any of you over the knuckles here! We know that many of our readers are more than exhausted and are battling on so many fronts that they don’t necessarily have time to look through the material on our site. But we do encourage readers to check out our resources more thoroughly, as you are able.

And please bear in mind that all we do on this blog we do as volunteers, and we try to be good stewards of our limited time.

Thank you!


  1. Thank you for all you do. Your site has given me knowledge and that knowledge has given me strength. I look forward every day to your post. It is a lifeline for me.

    Thank you again!
    Dawn Rising

  2. Seeing Clearly

    ACFJ is a breath of fresh air and an affirmation of so much that we intuitively knew and also never knew, but need to be taught. You are speaking truth that we find no where else. Thank you for your compassion and hard work.

  3. Florence

    Thank you for all that you do. I am new to your site and it’s been very informative.

    • twbtc

      Welcome to the Blog! Glad that you are finding it helpful.

      If your screen name is too identifying, we can change it. Just contact me at twbtc.acfj@gmail.com. And you may want to visit our New Users’ Information page. It explains how to remain safe while commenting on the blog.

  4. Round*Two

    Jeff and Barbara,

    You are awesome! I know at times I get overwhelmed and I just do not have the energy to read ALL that has been posted. I truly appreciate all you do for us here at ACFJ! I also appreciate all the comments and everyone who post their experience here, they have been very helpful!

    • the team is not just Jeff and me; it’s our other team members as well, and without them all we couldn’t keep this going. 🙂

      • Round*Two

        Yes, I also meant Thank you to the ACFJ team as well! So sorry I left them out!!!!

  5. Still Reforming

    Great idea. Thanks for letting us all know and for all that you do as volunteers. You bless so many of us through your service to the Lord on this site. Thank you all !!!!!!

    • Remedy

      Yes…so blessed by your dedication!!

  6. debby

    I want to echo all sentiments here! You are an absolute gift from God, shining the light of truth on a too-long kept secret. I have taken on the reading of your resources as I would getting a college education. It is of so much value to me and I never want to be ignorant to such a degree again. Thank you for the time you have taken to put together these articles and answering our never-ending questions! You must certainly feel like “parents-of-preschoolers” (ha!ha!) and want to say, “Stop asking so many questions and eat your cereal!” But you don’t. And we are grateful.

  7. Greater Glory

    Thank you for this “boundary setting” example! And, thank you for the reminder to search out the resources you have already compiled with your precious, dedicated time and effort. You are all greatly appreciated.

  8. His Child

    A BIG THANK YOU to the entire team, including those behind the scenes, for all the effort, time, and love you put into this ministry!

  9. Innoscent

    I am immensely grateful too for the ACFJ team behind this website. I thought I had learned a lot before and while separating from my H with the tons of reading, etc. I did, but I found out that there was plenty more to learn! And you help me just do that. I thank God for leading you on this hard road and for dedicating your time, energy and love in this so much needed ministry. You are all in my prayers.

    Thank you for the recommendations regarding website links, books, etc. Just one question: is it still ok to insert a quote from a book or website in our comments?

    • is it still ok to insert a quote from a book or website in our comments?

      Well, yes, it’s okay, if the quote is consistent with the tone and policy of this blog. If the quote is from one of the resources we have already recommended, then it would be fine, and fine to mention the author since we have already endorsed him/her. Likewise, if the quote is from an author we have criticised, and the quote is being offered as fair comment on that author’s work, then it can be put in a comment along with the fair comment of the commenter.

      If the quote is from a resource or an author we haven’t endorsed in the past, it’s okay to put the quote in a comment without mentioning the source of the resource. However, when doing this, pay common courtesy to the copyright of the original author/site. Short quotes are generally fine, unless they are from song lyrics in which case any size quote, no matter how small, can breach copyright. And we don’t want ACFJ to be facing a lawsuit because of a copyright breach!

      • Innoscent

        Thank you Barb for your guidelines regarding quoting authors. I will certainly keep that in mind. 😉 No we don’t want more lawyers (or scribes!) on our back!

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