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Australia’s Family Court is ordering children into unsafe situations

Australia is not the only place where children are being forced to have contact with abusers by the legal system.  Caution: For some readers, some of the linked articles may be triggering. What is the so-called evangelical church doing about any of this? I answer that ^ question at the bottom of this post. I …

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What is the best way to interact with an abuser when you have to? Shared parenting with an abuser.

This question came in from a reader: The court has ordered me and my ex to do shared parenting. And the judge is telling us that we are both at fault for our issues, that our arguments were concerning to her, and we should be ashamed of ourselves. What is the best way to interact with the …

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The Real Parental Alienation — part 2

PAS, or Parental Alienation Syndrome, refers to the poisoning of children’s minds by one parent (usually the mother), against the other (usually the father). The so-called “cure” is to take the children away from the parent who is “poisoning” them and place them with the other parent. Richard Gardner, a known pedophile apologist came up …

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Update to Deborah’s post on Richard Gardner and Parental Alienation Syndrome

I have added a very important video to Deborah’s post The Truth Behind Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). The video is titled Child Custody Justice. Go to Deborah’s post that I’ve linked above, and you’ll find the video and a quote from the video at the bottom of the post. We hope this video gets shared widely as …

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The Truth Behind Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) — part 1

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a theory developed by Richard Gardner, MD, who claimed that PAS is “a disorder of children, arising almost exclusively in child-custody disputes, in which one parent (usually the mother) programs the child to hate the other parent (usually the father).” The theory was developed in 1985 and was based on …

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