A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Acronyms & invented words

As people tend to when they are in families and communities, readers on this blog have created a few acronyms and special words.  Here is your decoder for these terms 🙂


One of our anonymouses invented the word ‘c’hurch. The lower case ‘c’ is to indicate that the people who attend the church are likely in many cases to be not be regenerate Christians. In some churches, there may be a majority of people who are not regenerate believers, they only think they have been made alive in Christ and entered the kingdom of God, but they are actually still dead in their sins in the kingdom of darkness. Such a church is going to be very likely to treat Christian victims of abuse unjustly and without much empathy or compassion.

It’s similar to the theologians’ distinction between the visible church (the people who attend the worship service each week) and the invisible church (the body of truly born again believers from all times and places). The visible church may have unregenerate people among its members. People who may think they are Christians, but are not. Another word for it would be nominal Christians. But we like the word ‘c’hurch because it’s so short and simple.

Terms survivors have used for their abusers

MIW = Monster In Wedlock — invented by Memphis Rayne

Pokraka — “horror” or “monstrosity”

anti-husband — a term invented by Ida Mae


  1. Traddy

    In all due respect, there are in fact some men, especially sons of victims, who marry the feminine version of MIW shall we call her a FE-MIW? My first husband was a son-of-an abusive alcoholic and wimpy mother. I am a multigenerational victim of domestic abuse…my sons have a high probability of either becoming monstrous or victimized. With this blog, the books and teachings of late….as found here I have finally found hope.

    • Traddy, we allow commenters to create acronyms as they see fit. If you want to use the acronym FE-MIW, go ahead! 🙂

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