A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Jeff Crippen’s sermons on Domestic Violence and Abuse – Digest

The psychology, the mindset, the attitudes, the methods, and the goals of abusive men, particularly as practiced in their marriages and families, are a crystal clear illustration of the attitudes, methods and goals of sin.

Furthermore, the way that the above man functions in his closest relationships (usually in his home) can teach us volumes about how we can expect a wicked man to practice his evil ploys in the church! And why not? After all, as we will learn, such men’s goals are the same — power and control, self-exaltation.
– Ps Jeff Crippen

Ps Crippen preached a 21-sermon series about Domestic Violence and Abuse in 2010/2011. He examined what Scripture says about the psychology and methods of sin and in particular of the enemy’s emissaries sent to enslave and abuse Christ’s people.

Each of the 21 sermons are listed below with links to the audio and PDF of each sermon which can be found at sermonaudio.com.

  1. Sin of Abuse Exposed by the Light of Christ

  2. Worship Me, or Else — The Abuser’s Command

  3. More Weapons in the Abuser’s Arsenal

  4. Bow Down — The Abuser’s Command

  5. The Deceptive of the Abuser

  6. The Abuser Wants You to Make Much of Him

  7. The Abuser and Satan’s Devices

  8. The Deeds of the Flesh Evidenced in the Abuser

  9. The Abuser as a Servant of Righteousness

  10. The Abuser Provokes His Children to Wrath

  11. The Abuser Provokes His Children to Wrath — Pt 2

  12. No Abuser is Hidden From His Sight

  13. Sinfulness of Sin Denied by the Abuser

  14. Dealing With the Abuser

  15. Dealing With the Abuser — Part 2

  16. Dealing With the Abuser — First Deal With Yourself

  17. Dealing With the Abuser — He is a Trespasser

  18. The Abuser as Jezebel — Women as Abusers

  19. Abuse and the Doctrine of Headship and Submission

  20. Abuse and the Doctrine of Headship & Submission Pt 2

  21. Abuse and Doctrine of Headship & Submission — Pt 3


  1. CeeKay

    These sermons of Pastor Crippen’s (I have read through several of them, but not all) are now several years old, and after reading through the last 3 (in particular), I question whether or not some of his perspectives may have changed (for the better) over the last 8 years, and if so, are some, or all, of these sermons in need of revisions to better reflect his present positions and perspectives?

    • Hi CeeKay

      What areas in Jeff’s perspective do you think have changed for the better since he preached those sermons?

      I don’t have time to re-listen to all the sermons, but I do recall this. I listened to the entire series once, some time after I became an admin on this blog, which means I was listing to them some years after Jeff had preached them. I remember thinking while I was listening that his views on headship and submission had progressed somewhat from the way he said it in those sermons.

      I just emailed Jeff to see if he wanted to respond to your comment. He replied:

      I don’t have time to go back and listen to the sermons but I would imagine I have done some fine tuning and my position now would be more head/submission as the head of a human body relates to the hand, for instance, and the hand to the head. The two work in harmony seeking the good of each – willingly without compulsion. Head/submit played out in practical egalitarianism. If that makes sense.

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