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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Wayne Grudem & CBMW don’t seem interested in reducing domestic abuse

Wayne Grudem and CBMW seem to be uninterested in correcting the gaps and flaws in complementarianism which make it easy for abusive husbands to get away with abuse. Here are my experiences and observations about Wayne Grudem which make me say this. 1.   Approximately three years ago, one of our guest posters informed us that …

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Is the push to ordain women a big problem in conservative churches? — Carl Trueman’s perspective

Carl Trueman explains that in the conservative presbyterian world within which he operates the problem he faces is not people running around wanting to ordain a lot of women.  So, what is the problem?   This is an audio clip of Carl Trueman speaking on the Mortification of Spin podcast The Trinity Debate (starting at 14:00 in the …

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Why I think Wayne Grudem is unwilling to accord full respect to women (ESS part 4)

In his book Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanood Wayne Grudem argues that complementarianism is fair, that it’s obedient to the Bible, and that is best for us as human beings since it truly honors men and women because it honours both their equality and their differences — their equal value to God and their differences in roles. …

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Liam Goligher’s sermons on the book of Esther (pt 1)

In our recent discussions regarding ERAS we have referenced Liam Goligher’s wise words regarding this unbiblical controversy.  Over the next several Sundays we are inviting you to watch a sermon series by Liam Goligher who is Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In Part 1, The Emperor Strikes Back, Dr Goligher shows heartfelt outrage about the abuse of women by husbands …

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The “root of bitterness” in Hebrews — it isn’t unforgiveness – by Rebecca Davis

The following excellent article was written by our friend Rebecca Davis. She originally published it on her blog at Here’s the Joy but it was then moved to BJUGrace. To maximize the exposure of the article with Rebecca’s permission we are also posting it here for you. Here is a perfect example of how Scripture is horribly …

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Thursday Thought — Have you ever felt afraid of your partner?

Have you ever felt afraid of your partner?  If so, take those feelings seriously.  Notice whether you tell yourself things like: “I’m overreacting — he would never really hurt me.” “He gets extremely angry, but he won’t hit me.” “Yes, he has harmed me in the past, but he swears he won’t do it again.” …

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