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Monthly Archives: May, 2016

Defining domestic abuse by a list of behaviors is never going to capture it

Quite often authors define domestic abuse by giving a list of behaviors. The list can include things like complaining, accusing, angry looks, name calling, denigrating, yelling, threatening, ordering, demanding, belittling, using sarcasm, showing indifference, lying and deceiving, sulking, withholding sexual intimacy, using physical violence. Here is the problem with trying to define domestic abuse as behaviors: You can’t necessarily identify who is …

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Wise as Serpents: Grace is Not for Everyone (Part 21 of sermon series)

This morning I want to show you that God’s grace is not to be extended to everyone. I do not speak of His common grace, the kind of favor He exercises when He sends rain on the wicked and provides them with food. I am speaking of the saving grace that comes to us in Christ …

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This Biblical Counselor Thinks we have Misrepresented Biblical Counseling

A biblical counselor submitted a commented on this post of ours. We didn’t publish his comment on that thread because it would have been triggering for our readers. Instead we have chosen to feature it here because it exemplifies the kind of things that many biblical counselors say. We want you, our readers, to analyse and comment on it. …

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Thursday Thought — My Greatest Educators

A gem from the GEMS page. The survivors of abuse have been my greatest educators; if we could hear their voices much more, and the voices of the abusers and their allies much less, the world would move rapidly to eliminate the chronic mistreatment that so many women currently face in their intimate relationships.   …

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Is Marriage Really an Illustration of Christ’s Relationship with the Church? a reblog from Wordgazer’s Words, by Kristen Rosser

Many thanks to Kristen over at Wordgazer’s Words for giving us permission to reblog this post which was the last in a 3-part series* at her blog. Over to Kristen. **** This post attempts to ask the question: “Maybe marriage isn’t an ‘illustration’ of Christ and the church, but isn’t marriage a type of Christ’s relationship with the church?” Typology is a concept mentioned …

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Gift Books offer

This blog receives a small amount of money due to being an Amazon Associate. We use these funds to provide gift books for victims of domestic abuse. When sufficient funds are available we are willing to provide the following books to victims who can’t afford to purchase the books, or whose only credit card account …

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