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Monthly Archives: April, 2016

Wise as Serpents: The Church’s Other Mission Field (Part 19 of sermon series)

Really we just have one mission field; but this is an aspect of the Christian’s calling which is very important and sorely neglected. It is a mission field that evil detests. To the degree that evil is dominating — wicked unregenerate people parading as christians, parading as the church —  this mission field will inevitably be ignored. And it turns …

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A Pastor Balks at Helping a Victim Because He Thinks it is Too Dangerous — a reblog from abusewidow

When one of them saw that he was healed, he came back. He praised God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked Him. – Luke 17:15 There are many “titles” that I seem to be given; victim, single, divorced, single mother of five, etc. I’ll admit, I carry a great …

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Thursday Thought — Pious Platitudes and their Paraphrases; a new page

While a platitude can be meaningless and annoying, it is rarely dangerous. But not so with pious platitudes. . . The above is from our new page located on our Insights tab found on the top menu bar. The page is called Pious Platitudes and their Paraphrases.  We thought it would be helpful to collect …

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Is Martha Peace a strong advocate for women who are being abused?

My first email to Martha Peace, 20 Feb 2016 Hello Martha I assume you mean well and want to help Christian women. I believe you are under-informed about the dynamics of domestic abuse, and as a result your teaching is harming many Christian women whose husbands are abusing them. I am sure you do not …

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Matt Powell is at it Again to Keep Abuse Victims in Bondage

I find these critiques/exposures of Matt Powells’ errors to be difficult. It is difficult because his words are so incredible damaging, false, and enslaving to people who buy into them. To abuse victims, well, all I can say is as you read the following excerpts from his March 23, 2016 article, frighteningly entitled “Most Marriages …

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Wise as Serpents: Calling Evil Good, and Good Evil (Part 18 of sermon series)

There is something in us that can make us very reluctant to call evil for what it is – evil. I understand this to some extent and so do you. We do not delight in concluding that someone we know, someone perhaps that we have loved and who we thought loved us, is in fact a child of the devil with malevolent intent …

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