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Monthly Archives: January, 2015

Keep Your Accusation Radar Up — It Detects Abusers

I have written on this subject before, just last September — but it comes around in my mind once more as 2015 begins. Here is a fact that will serve you well in helping identify and defend against an abuser: Abusers are accusers. A normal, healthy, safe relationship is not characterized by accusations. If someone is …

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Thursday Thought — When Abuse Occurs the Rules Change

‘When the line has been crossed over into real abuse, the rules change and do a 180.’ I learned that from a child abduction and security expert when he was on a talk show.  The situation that security expert gave as an example was (paraphrasing): “We teach our children to be behaved and polite in public. …

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Losing friendships because of the stress of abuse

Jeff and I received this email from one of our readers, Jesus’ Beloved, and she’s kindly agreed to let us feature it in a post. Here is what she wrote us: I was wondering if anyone has ever had the unfortunate circumstance come up where they lost a friendship because the heaviness of their abuse …

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Summary of Our Recent Interaction with a Young Pastor

Ready Reference post. In our recent interactions with a man who called himself YoungPastor, we observed a very typical mindset which probably most of us held in the past, before our eyes were opened to the nature and evil of abuse. The following comments are posted here as a stand-alone article so that they will be more visible for our …

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Euphemisms for Sin

I am compiling a list of euphemisms for “sin.” I’ll start with the sin-minimizing terms I’ve seen in articles or heard from megachurch pulpits recently. Moral failure Mistake Flaw Error Problem Indiscretion Oversight Shortcoming Lest these terms get worn out and overused, I have made a list of synonyms that leaders might want to consider …

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An Allegory of Survival: A Flower in the Desert

There was a beautiful flower that flourished in the desert.  God loved her as if she was the only one in existence, as the center of His universe. She loved Him as well day and night, for He was her Creator. One day, she met a handsome plant.  He appeared to be a gentleman, and …

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