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Monthly Archives: April, 2014

How Abuse Steals Away the Connections We Need for Emotional Health

Drive out a scoffer, and strife will go out, and quarreling and abuse will cease. Proverbs 22:10 I have written before about how the trauma of abuse robs us of home. Home sweet home is a motto abuse victims cannot relate to. In this post, I would like to expand on this concept with the …

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Educating pastors: A volunteer who will distribute Jeff Crippen’s Open Letter to Pastors

UPDATE (written by Barb Roberts, 26 Nov 2018). The volunteer who was sending out this letter to pastors is no longer able to do so. She has asked me to remove her email address from this post. Many thanks to her for the work she did on this project. *** One of our readers has …

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The compulsory pursuit of joy in Christian Hedonism = compounded mind control for victims of abuse

John Piper’s Christian hedonism has added an extra requirement to saving faith: the requirement of right affection, right emotion. The pursuit of joy in God is not optional. It is not an “extra” that a person might grow into after he comes to faith. Until your heart has hit upon this pursuit, your ‘faith’ cannot please …

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What the Apostle Peter says about Doug Phillips the false teacher and false prophet

God’s word speaks volumes about how God is able to rescue and protect the righteous while simultaneously visiting justice upon fools and scoundrels. These truths have been foreground in my mind recently, because of our sister Lourdes Torres, the young woman who was abused by Doug Phillips, the former leader of Vision Forum. (Now she’s married, her full …

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How Would John the Baptist Deal With an Abuser in the Church?

Today I was thinking about John the Baptist. The Lord Jesus said that John was the greatest of the prophets. John is a very interesting Bible personality because he was the last of the Old Testament prophets, coming on the scene to end a 400 year silence from heaven. Was John a man filled with …

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What does Dallas Theological Seminary say about Divorce and Redemption in Cases of Spousal Abuse? (continued)

Here is the rest of my critique of the DTS panel discussion on divorce for domestic abuse. I hope you find it helpful. [You can find the earlier part of my critique here.]  We are picking up the video at the 16:14 mark. Darrell Bock: Okay, well we’re now to the last section of the video …

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