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Monthly Archives: April, 2013

Ideas for saving money and reducing your expenses

I found this website when searching the web for a cheap Sim-only phone deal while I am in the USA. It looks like it might have some good ideas that would help many of our readers who are in financial straits. I found their advice about a $4.99 sim card and a $10 per month plan …

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When Matthew 18 Breaks Down — by Persistent Widow, one of our readers

[Note from Jeff C and Barb: We are publishing this post to hold churches accountable and to expose the injustices they effect.] If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, …

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“I Thought I Would Feel Better” (or, as Barb would say, “I Thot I would Feel Bettah”)

As you all can imagine, Barbara and I have spent oodles of time discussing . . . well, just about everything. It has been like my sister and I have picked up from where we left off (only we just *really* met). I do not know if it is having similar pasts . . . …

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Changes to our top menu, categories and tags, and introducing TWBTC

Over the last few months we have been re-vamping our top menu. You may have noticed the changes, but if you haven’t, we would like to draw your attention to them so that you can familiarize yourself with the new layout. Do have a look (have a squiz we say in Oz) so you can …

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A male survivor’s story — by Friend in Need from Europe

Many many years ago. My father in law started to think and say that there was an angry mob out there who wanted to chase his family, abduct or poison them. As he used to be a physician his children, including my wife, eventually started to believe him. He was well in his 60s, so …

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Yesterday I watched Jeff S’s live concert on the web. Megan and I watched it together, and her husband David got home from work in the middle and watched it too once he’d tucked Meg’s youngest child into bed. Megan sometimes sang backing harmonies with her exquisite soprano. I danced my hands in the air  …

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