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Monthly Archives: February, 2013

The language of abusers who portray themselves as victims — Vagueness & Contradictions

When I’m listening to a person who is complaining about their spouse or their marriage, I want to discern whether they are a victim or a perpetrator. Does this mean I am suspicious of all disclosures of abuse? Yes; and no. In most cases, the person’s words (and body language, if I’m able to see …

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Sister of Silence – a book about childhood sexual abuse and domestic abuse

Informational post only: Daleen Berry, author of Sister of Silence, a memoir about childhood sexual abuse and domestic abuse, has let me know that she will giving away her memoir this Friday-Sunday. Sister of Silence will be FREE at 12 a.m. Friday (West Coast time). (scroll down the thread to see how to get the …

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Trying to Escape When You Can’t Explain – by Katy

One of our readers, Katy, has very kindly sent us this story. In the beginning of my marriage I had no clue what abuse was, nor that I was being abused. I did not have the vocabulary for what was happening to me. I am also a very introverted person so I think this added …

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Taken Captive by the Philosophies of Man

Spiritual abuse and domestic abuse often join hand in hand.  Many, if not most, of the readers of this blog have experienced abuse from a spouse who claims the name of Christ, using distortions of Scripture to justify his evil.  The Apostle Paul warned us against being taken captive by man-made doctrines that are not …

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“I Always Notice Hands…” — by Caleigh

This is a really goooood one over on The Profligate Truth. “I Always Notice Hands…”.

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We have chatted about gaslighting here and there but realized, recently, that we do not have a formal post on the topic. So! Here is an informational post that will also, hopefully, enlighten many of our readers to this heinous tactic of  abusers. Armed with knowledge, we know better how to fight the lies. Gaslighting is …

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