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Daily Archives: November 10th, 2012

Learning to be an Abigail, not Sapphira

On the heels of Megan’s post on Abigail is this real-life story of a real-life Abigail. Posted anonymously by one of our readers, a brave woman documents her experience. This is HER story. * * * * * Learning to be an Abigail, not Sapphira Interesting choice of a title, eh? But this is the …

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Sapphira and Abigail: Part 1

One of our brave readers (Just Me!) suggested we write a post comparing Sapphira with Abigail. We thought it was a brilliant suggestion. Since I’m the newbie, I got the job (just kidding . . . I sort of volunteered). I have learned so much studying these two women. I will do my best to …

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