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Daily Archives: October 4th, 2012

Abuse and Divorce: The “No Divorce Allowed” Position of Debi Pryde

What to do When You are Abused by Your Husband (Iron Sharpeneth Iron Publications 2003) is co-authored by Debi Pryde and Robert Needham.  In the “Questions Abused Wives Commonly Ask” section, this is a question posed and the answer the authors give: Question: I often feel like I hate my husband when he berates me …

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Prejudice is a scourge. My first husband had prejudices. He was white, slim and  fit, and he despised anyone who was fat or unfit. He also despised Asian people and used scurrilous names for them as a group, but at the same time he virtually idolised Asian women for their demure and submissive femininity. My …

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