A Cry For Justice

Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

A petition that seeks to change community attitudes about domestic abuse – should Grant Hackett be a commentator at the Olympics?

Be salt and light in the world  – that’s what Jesus calls us to be as Christians. (Matthew 5:13-16)

In this spirit, I’ve started a petition calling for Channel Nine, an Australian TV station, to drop ex-Olympic gold medallist Grant Hackett from their panel of commentators at the London Olympics. Why? Isn’t Grant Hackett that brilliant swimmer who made Aussies so proud during previous Olympics?  Yeah.

But Grant Hackett trashed his family’s exclusive apartment last October in a violent rampage.
“I just continued to push over furniture and make a mess,” he said.
He could scarcely deny the rampage, since the photos of the trashed apartment were published in the press.
It is reported that he admitted to targeting his wife Candice Alley’s most prized possessions during the rampage, during which she called the police.
Candice is a professional musician; the photos of the wrecked apartment show an up-ended grand piano.

READ and SIGN the petition [Internet Archive link]

You can also  read the petition complete with embedded links to news articles and photos [Internet Archive link] at my {old} solo blog.

Your feedback, as always, is welcome.


  1. ksf

    if the grant hackett petittion was on Sumofus. it would have many more signatures

    i tried to sign it but dont have q facebook account so i couldnt !

    • Thanks for the tip, KFS. I’ve emailed SomeOfUs. You can’t submit a petition yourself at their site, you have to ask the administrators to do it. It seems like a great site, and only three weeks old with more than half a million followers!

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