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Daily Archives: April 14th, 2012

My Notes on Voddie Baucham’s Permanence View No Divorce Sermon

I decided that as I listened to Baucham’s sermon on Mathew 5:31-32, I might as well record my notes in this post so our readers can more readily see his main points (the audio sermon is 65 minutes long).  If you would like to hear (endure) an example of a pastor preaching his own opinions …

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Pastor Voddie Baucham’s No Divorce, No Re-Marriage After Divorce Sermon

The following link is to a sermon by Pastor Voddie Baucham of the Grace Family Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.  It’s title is The Permanence View of Marriage based upon Matthew 5:31-32. http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=11309913170 The summary of the sermon provided by GFBC is: “GFBC holds to the permanence view of marriage. According to the permanence view, there …

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The Shooting in Ohio Poses a Question for Piper and Company

I am totally open to correction here if I am coming to an erroneous and unfair conclusion about what the “no-divorce-for-any-reason-at-all” people would say regarding the murder of Katherina Allen in Ohio this week.  Yes, both she and her murderer-husband are dead so hey – death ends the marriage.  No question, right?  Not so fast. …

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Abuse Claims the Power of Life and Death Over Others

The killing of a mother and her two daughters by an evil, wicked “husband/father” in Ohio is still weighing on my mind today as additional facts are being reported in the news.  Appended to the end of this post is an excerpt from one of the news accounts.  Lessons, lessons, lessons — these kinds of …

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