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Daily Archives: March 29th, 2012

“When Love Hurts” – You NEED to Get This DVD – From Mending the Soul Ministries

NOTE:  Subsequent to posting this article, one of our readers watched this DVD series and send the following comment, which I think is right on.  I had missed it completely and so I really appreciate this insight.  The comment shows a definite deficiency in the series – “Well, I just got done watching the RBC …

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Music as Therapy for the Oppressed

Sometimes I forget about music.  Days and months go by and I am caught up in the business and stresses and worries of ministry and life.  Life devoid of music is not a good thing, especially for a Christian. Music is a gift from the Lord to His people.  God is the ultimate composer – …

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Checklist for Repentance

If they are genuinely repentant, abusers will: Stop all blame-shifting. Stop blaming their spouse. Stop making excuses. Commit to going to a professionally run Behavior Change Group for spouse-abusers. Admit, confess and accept responsibility for all their abuse, in full detail. Identify the attitudes that drive their abusiveness. Relinquish their attitudes of entitlement and superiority …

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Through the Eyes of a Battered Woman — an audio-visual by a survivor

To watch this powerful video click on this link Through the Eyes of a Battered Woman

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