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Awakening the Evangelical Church to Domestic Violence and Abuse in its Midst

Daily Archives: March 23rd, 2012

Are We Beginning to Experience What Martin Luther Did in Rome?

In 1510, while he was still a Roman Catholic priest, Martin Luther was pumped.  He got to journey to Rome, the Holy City.  Visions of the New Jerusalem.  It was a difficult, long, and perilous trip, but he went.  He loved his church.  He loved that city.  But everything was about to change for him. …

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Morocco Permits Rapists to Marry their Victims (and so do we?)

Barbara Roberts sent us the Avaaz.org link as a place where we can all go and sign a petition to turn up the heat for repeal of laws that permit travesties like this one – Days ago, 16 year-old Amina Filali, raped, beaten and forced to wed her rapist, killed herself — the only way …

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When the “Church” Becomes the Enemy

A very common theme in the stories that you all tell us is that your church did not help you.  Your church added to your suffering, gave you foolish counsel, and in the end sided with your abuser rather than with you.  You have all heard that same old story over and over again if …

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Are the Daughters of Eve Stupid?

Abuse is the test of our theology.  If our theology does not lead us to render justice and kindness to victims of abuse, and if it does not lead us to an exposure of the evil of the abuser, then our theology is deficient.  It is time to go back to the Scriptures and take …

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