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Daily Archives: March 6th, 2012

Debating Bible With an Abuser is a Waste of Time

Matthew 21:23-27 And when he entered the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people came up to him as he was teaching, and said, “By what authority are you doing these things, and who gave you this authority?” (24) Jesus answered them, “I also will ask you one question, and if you …

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Who is Responsible to “Fix” a Broken Marriage Covenant?

“Why is it that when he is wrong, I am the one who always feels guilty?” That’s a pretty good question, isn’t it?  I heard that in a movie once.  It was made by the sister of a sociopathic family member who kept everyone else in chaos and confusion by her selfish antics and blaming. …

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Wayne Grudem’s Position on Divorce for Abuse

Looking over Wayne Grudem’s web page, I found the following question and answer which explains what his position is on abuse as biblical grounds for divorce: (see it yourself at http://www.waynegrudem.com/remarriage-and-divorce/ ) – I see that you endorsed John Piper’s book, This Momentary Marriage. Does this mean that you agree with Piper’s view that remarriage …

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