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Daily Archives: January 16th, 2012

Don’t Teach Anyone About Divorce Until You Read Instone-Brewer –

David Instone-Brewer has written what I conclude is the definitive book on divorce and remarriage.  It is Divorce and Remarriage in the Church: Biblical Solutions for Pastoral Realities [*affiliate link],  InterVarsity Press, 2003 (also see his companion volume, Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible [*affiliate link] ).  Everyone needs to stop talking about what the Bible says …

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Stop Saying “God Hates Divorce”

It hasn’t been that long ago that someone told me our church’s position on divorce was wrong.  We acknowledge that God permits divorce for habitual, unrepentant, hard-hearted violation of the marriage vows.  Sexual unfaithfulness, failure to love and provide for, desertion, and abuse (a kind of desertion) are, we maintain, biblical grounds for divorce.  In …

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Abuse 101 – The Mentality and Tactics of Abuse

The following is taken in part from our new book, A Cry for Justice  [*affiliate link].  Please read carefully and you will learn that domestic violence and abuse are far, far more than “wife battering,” or some difficult guy who gets drunk on Saturday nights.  This evil is much more devilishly sophisticated than that: In all …

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How to Spot an Abuser Who Claims to be the Victim

(My thanks to Barbara Roberts for her help with this article) Update added 12 March 2019. These guidelines for spotting a pseudo victim, while valid, are not universal. Read this comment for an example of how they don’t fit every situation. I am sure that you have watched police SWAT teams in action at a …

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Your Church Needs to Stink

One of the most common scenarios that Christian domestic abuse victims relate to me is that after they have asked their church for help with the abuser, they have not been believed.  Then, after a characteristic progression of events, the victim determines that she must separate from and/or divorce her abuser.  At this point a …

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